Terroranschläge in den USA

Am 11.09.2001 wurden die USA durch mehrere Terroranschläge auf das World Trade Center in New York City und das Pentagon erschüttert.

Um die Verbundenheit mit den Opfern und dem amerikanischen Volk zu demonstrieren hat die RK-Regensburg folgendes Schreiben an den Präsidenten der  Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verfasst:

President of United States
George W. Bush
White House

Washington D.C.
USA                                                                                                                       12.09.2001

Mr. President,

We, the members of the reserve-comradeship of Regensburg are consterned about the terror-attempt against the independent order of the United  States of America and therby the whole western world and condemn this in the strongest possible terms.

We feel with the American people and the relations of the victims.

We reservists of the german forces are close attached with the US-Army in Germany and some american reservists are also members in the german  reserve organisation.

We hope, that the men behind this attempt will become known, and get done justiced as hard as possible.

We`ll pray for the victims of this detestable attack.


Yours  sincerely

George C.  Wallisch
President RC-Regensburg